Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This blog - commenting and licensing

I intend for all the content I create and put here to be licensed with a creative commons license.
I think what this means is, anyone can quote it or use it in whatever fashion they like, so long as the derivative creation is also licensed as creative commons. I am not a lawyer or even particularly well informed, so I may have some details wrong.
I think the specific license is their attribution-share alike license. I'd like for anyone to be able to use the text in any way, even commercially, so long as they disclose that I was the author of whatever I wrote.
The share alike aspect is a bit more confusing to me. I certainly intend to share my ideas as widely as possible. I'm not sure I want to demand sharing for derivative works. It seems possible that I might change my mind about share alike.
If I can write a book or publish an article based on what I scribble here, I'd like to be able to do that. If someone comments on the blog and writes something interesting, I'd like to be able to include that. I intend to acknowledge the authorship of the comments, the degree that is possible. If someone published comments using a pseudonym, I'll give credit to the pseudonym. If I manage to get paid for the book or article, commenters will not get paid. Let them write their own-use my text if you like, just give me credit.
Of course, it is most likely that no such book or article will ever come into being, commercial or otherwise. But I want to make my expectations clear.

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Thomas said...

Book! Get real! This is a bunch of random notes.