Sunday, October 2, 2016

My evening with Ed Snowden

It turns out that Edward Snowden was one of the presenters at the cryptoparty I attended on 2/24/13. At least, I think so. He wasn't famous then. Hi Cap had two crypto parties, one on 12/11/12, one on 2/23/13. Snowden helped organize the first one and spoke, according to Wired Magazine.  What Wired Magazine says. This goes along with my emails from HI Capacity announcing the event and including Snowden's now famous email address, But I have no notes from the first event, just the second one. The announcement of the second does not include Snowden's email. So my memory is a bit fuzzy. I definitely remember a speaker that could be Snowden, a young contractor. It's possible that I went to both events and didn't take notes at the first, or that Snowden appeared at both (he didn't become famous until the following May). Or I have confabulated his presence due to wishful thinking and some coincidences.

Here's the text of the email announcing the first event:
There will be a CryptoParty December 11th at HI Capacity at 6pm. Runa S. from the Tor team will be speaking along with a few others (more speakers are welcome!).

Here are the details:

If you plan to attend (or want to speak) RSVP on this thread or with cincinnatus (.a.)
The cryptoparty link doesn't work any more.
Here's the second event's announcement.

What is CryptoParty? Interested parties with computers, devices, and the desire to learn to use the most basic crypto programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation! CryptoParties are free to attend, public, and are commercially and politically non-aligned. CryptoParties are absolutely against sexual harassment and discrimination.

Good evening all, we have a second event to announce! It's a Crypto Party!

For all of you cypherpunks out there, let's learn about crypto!!!

Please join us at HI Capacity on Saturday, February 23rd at 12PM!
The two invitations came from different persons.