Sunday, September 30, 2012

No, I Won't Sue

I adopted my motto, "Breakfast impossible" back in the 1980s, though I doubt I can prove it. How long has this blog been sitting around gathering dust on Well, no longer than has existed, anyhow.

Now a google search reveals that youtube is hosting a web video series titled "Breakfast Impossible". Crud. There goes my SEO. What shall I do?

Hmmm, maybe someone looking for a fan site for an extreme low budget Americanized Dr. Who superhero ironyfest will enjoy getting bait-&-switched to my self-indulgent rants on cognitive biases, skepticism, epistemology, and libertarian theorizing?

Maybe they should make me a character in the series. But instead of a superpower, all I do is sit around making blog posts and sending them into the past of the primitive internet (series is set in 2171) in order to alter history.

There you go.

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