Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crypto Party tidbits

Today I attended a crypto party.

I2P is a darknet built on top of but separate from the Internet.

TAILS is a live cd Linux distro like paranoidlinux, intended to help you keep your communications private.

We discussed TOR (anonymous browsing), cjdns (not clear to me what this is), hyperboria (uses cjdns to create secure net on top of Internet), freenet (peer-to-peer secure communication), openmoko (open source cell phone O/S), openbts (let cell phones hook into a different system, better for rural or low income areas?), and redphone by whisper systems (secure VOIP).

I mentioned Phil Zimmerman and incorrectly claimed that he had been prosecuted for exporting munitions as the writer of PGP. Actually, no charges were ever filed against him, though there was a vigorous and visible FBI investigation. 

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