Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spanking Survey Idea

Spanking is an important issue. I want to make sure that everyone I know knows my opinion on it and has an opportunity to learn about it, and I want to ask their opinions. I need a way to ask them, a way to show them evidence, a way to register their answer, and a way to encourage them to ask their friends. I'd like it to go viral without becoming spam, so it should be difficult to ask the same person twice, even if the askers are different. People should be able to see their own answers and the answers of their friends. Maybe they should be able to follow a chain of opinion. But spammers should not be able to harvest email addresses or other personal information en masse.

Here are notes on an idea for a survey.

Identity = email address, but don't reveal the email address. Keep a salted hash?

For each email address, who asked them? Who did they ask? What was their opinion?

Make a big graphic showing how people connect and what their opinions are.

Yelling is next, after spanking.  

Why libertarians should not spank, why liberals should not spank, why conservatives should not spank, why Christians, Muslims, Jews should not spank. What is the alternative to spanking?

The basic system is not specific to the issue of spanking and could be reused for other issues.

I could do this all manually with email, but it would not scale. Email, Facebook, g+, http link.

How can I be sure that an answer claiming an email actually owns that email? Verify like email list subscription.

How to prevent hackers from using bogus email to add idiotic arguments in favor of the opinion they oppose?

How can I limit damage from an email impersonating personal details of another person? What if answers the survey as Barack Obama? BO should be able to make it obvious ate not him, or remove the bogosity, but how? Xyzzy's fake answer will not have e right email address associated with it, but it will not display the actual address,, nor will I actually know it. Maybe I should just show when there are duplicate identifiers. Only allow search by email, not by name. One possible opinion is "refused to answer".
Rough plan: talk it over with knowledgeable people, set up generic survey system. Find links that discuss the issues. Get alpha in place. Think about Facebook and g+. Allow people to add arguments for and against, links and rate existing arguments.

Give a list of email addresses, it makes a page of mailto links. Addresses that answered already are grayed out.

Use a variant of listserv, is that scalable enough?

Web page sends email asking for opinion, reply gives opinion. How prevent multiple queries but allow them to change their opinions?
Email address Is all and only id, no names or other. If someone queries a broken email, treat it as new.

People don't want their email address to leak. Do they want their opinion public?

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