Friday, December 20, 2013

FDR in a thimble

Here are some ideas that seem to come up on FDR often. I am convinced of some, unsure about others. Please add any I missed to the comments section.
  • Just as battered wives are entitled to divorce their abusers, abused children are entitled to separate from their abusive parents when they become adults. If the parent denies the abuse, or refuses to accept responsibility, separation is urgent. The ordinary public resist this idea.
  • Hitting or yelling at kids is bad for them. You may be fine, but if you were hit or yelled at as a kid, you could have been even more awesome.
  • Manipulators will hold their children to a high standard of morality, but make exceptions for themselves.
  • Nearly everyone is carrying baggage from childhood, this is why they reject ideas based on good evidence and logic.
  • If you don't deal with your own childhood, you will inflict something similar on your own kids.
  • Honesty and integrity are important for happiness and the good life. Being dishonest with those you love will destroy the relationship.
  • Morality motivates people better than self-interest, efficiency, or consequences. Give them a why and they will find a how. 
  • Common thinking on morality consists largely of post hoc rationalizations and motivated reasoning. 
  • Someone who has never experienced manipulation, who was raised around people who showed consistent honesty, integrity, and patience and who refrained from yelling, hitting, insulting or punishing, will not give manipulators a chance to pull their tricks. It takes two to dance that tango, and those who never learn this pattern of victimhood will never be victimizable.
  • We seek truth using logic and evidence. We must recognize confirmation bias etc., but we can gain certainty with relative ease if we possess self-knowledge.
  • You know a lot more about yourself and your relationships and the people you are close to than you admit consciously to yourself. Self-knowledge will bring this to consciousness.
  • The elite replaced slavery with democracy because they thought it would increase their profits. Take the chains off, put up a fence, free-range slaves will give you more profit.
  • If you disprove UPB, you disprove logic.

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