Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting Liberty Done

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about liberty. What will it look like? We argue about this ism versus that ism, purge the impure, read long books about how it all might work.

But that question can't really be answered and is not important at this point. If we can know in advance what social innovations will succeed, central planning should work. This is the old way of thinking about how to change the world. Come up with a grand scheme, convince the voters, implement the unique optimal solution. If that approach could work, we'd be there already.

Politics is a preliminary to violence, is based on violence. For mainstreamers, violence and Politics are the ways to change the world. Liberty lacks the popularity required for success through violence, and in fact achieving liberty using violence involves a contradiction. You can only achieve freedom by choosing freedom. We need to find a peaceful way. Liberty can't be won by revolution. But it can go viral.

The endpoint of the process is not interesting. What we need to think about is the first step. Better to know where to put your foot now, than to guess about the end of the trail while nowhere near it. 

More on that later.


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