Friday, December 18, 2015

[Blank] the state

I encountered something titled "eliminate the state" while plodding around the web. That requires me to pay too much attention to the state, to focus on it, to defeat it, then eliminate it. I would prefer to build something that makes the state redundant, obsolete, irrelevant. So I need a better verb. Unfortunately, I can only think of adjectives, so I might need to invent a new verb.
"Evade the state." This still centers on the state too much.
"Ostracize the state." Not exactly.
"Spurn the state." Too retro. Make the state too important.
"Jilt the state?" Similar to "spurn".
"Shun the state." Maybe. Sort of.
"Desanctify the state." Makes you think, but doesn't deliver my message clearly.
"Desecrate the state." Like desanctify.

No conventional English word I can think of seems to really  capture my thought. So, let's invent some words.

"Redundate the state." Rhymes, and people would know what I mean.
"Obsolate the state." Similar.
"Irrelevate the state." I like it.

One hundred years from now, I hope the state will have the same relevance that a record store has now. Or friendster.

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