Friday, April 18, 2014

Liberty roadmap elevator pitch

How do we get to liberty, starting where we are now? Politics probably won't work. Politics is the tail, society is the dog. Change politics without changing what people think, and pretty soon things will go right back to where they were. Change what people are thinking and politics will follow. How do we change what people think?

Show me, don't just tell me. Adopting libertarian ideas is like adopting a new technology. The innovators and early adopters are relatively easy to convince, but to gain widespread support we need to be able to show people how using our ideas can help them succeed.

Here are some examples of the sort of thing I am thinking about: The Internet, BitTorrent, PGP, Bitcoin, Wikipedia, crowd funding, Linux development. All of these phenomena seemed strange when they were new. If they had needed approval from a majority of people to get started, none of them would exist. In a few cases, the government would prefer that they did not exist, but here they are. We can use that kind of dynamic.

What can I do now that will actually make a positive difference? I want to participate in projects that are tangible, credible, inclusive, and epic. Maybe even profitable! 

Oops, this is my floor.


Marc Moïni said...

Personally I try to implement win/win where I believe I have the most power to do so, which is in my own interactions with people (including how I treat myself). Using Connected Communication (NonViolent Communication).

David Burns said...

Thanks, Marc. Yes, the idea is to invite someone to share, rather than trying to talk them into something. I hope that is win-win.