Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't Touch Me There, Gumment!

Call 911. Pull over so the cop can ticket you. Fill out your income tax forms. Wait in line at the DMV. Ordinary persons rarely interact directly with the government in their personal lives.

At work, we may jump through bureaucratic hoops held by legislators and bureaucrats. But most of us don't get hassled by cops on our way home from work.

Old folks get social security checks and receive medical care paid for by Medicare. Low income families may get food stamps or other forms of assistance. We see cops or soldiers while driving down the road.

Tax dollars pay for many expenses in our society, including roads, bridges, airports, etc. They support the military.

Seems to me that we could make major changes to what services government provides and how we finance and produce them, without directly impacting an ordinary person's life much at all. That is, politics impacts our lives indirectly.

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