Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mental Hygiene

We should teach our children how to detect psychos, scammers, cult recruiters, and other influencers, and deal with them appropriately. First, we need to know how. Do we?

I want to learn from teachers if they really know something worth learning. I want the help and companionship of other learners, if they genuinely seek the truth.

How will I know?

Adults want to learn, and us old fogies have some catching up to do. We can teach each other. I want to learn about communication and relationships (NVC, PET), parenting, persuasion, motivation, leadership, nonviolent social activism, skepticism, cults and how to resist recruiting and indoctrination, resisting authority, questioning experts, and entrepreneurship.

OTOH, I bookworm too much as it is. I want to spend more time actually doing something, less time trying to understand things. Not that understanding is bad, just that maybe getting something done will teach me more than reading about it would, and accomplishes something useful as a bonus.

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