Friday, March 29, 2013

activist projects and organizations

I have too much to read and not enough to do.

The internet is full of interesting web sites and podcasts about ideas about liberty. But not so many projects to pursue. What are you doing now that you're excited about these ideas?

Spread the Word:
The Advocates for Self-Government is one of my favorite organizations, but they seem to lack momentum these days. I never hear about them unless I go looking for them.

Vote with your Feet:
Free State Project wants liberty-oriented people to move to New Hampshire. Over 1000 already have, about 14,000 have signed up to move once there are 20,000 signers. My problem is, what do I do before and after moving?

Avatar of the Goddess Liberty:
Do self-work to free your mind.

Cultivate Liberty:
Peaceful parenting

Confront the Criminals:
Civil disobedience is divisive. It can be good "in-reach", inspiring those who agree with the disobedient and sometimes garnering good publicity. Bad publicity and long jail sentences are also a risk.

The State Rendered Redundant:
Spreading the word is not the only sort of education we value. Demonstration projects show skeptics what works (and help us figure it out) better than arguing. Every "service" offered by government bureaucrats should have a competitor from civil society, unless it is immoral or illegal. In some cases, we might even consider bending the law to provide competitive services.

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