Monday, March 11, 2013

Social change with and without politics

Does politics cause social change or adapt to it more frequently? On important issues?

Change enough people's attitudes and policy will follow. Change policies without changing hearts, and observe the awkward, temporary result.

I don't want the state to collapse, I want to transform it. I want to transform attitudes, perceptions and opportunities.

Repeal all the coercive laws and what will take their place? How would the average person respond? Freedom shock: if their hearts and minds remain the same, they would rebuild the old coercive structure.

Give many people a reason to believe that coercive laws lack necessity, and a discussion begins.

Give people concrete alternatives to coercive systems, and they will adopt them.

Examples of social change without politics:
Bitcoin, pot, the Internet. The Apache.

Viral, decentralized, spontaneous, unorganized, leaderless, non-ideological, apolitical. A game, a club, a fad.

Social changes where politics followed social movements:
abolitionism, women's sufferage, European socialism, progressivism, abstinence, civil rights, women's lib, gay liberation.

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