Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tactics for Social Change

Previous cultural changes forced political change (civil rights, women's lib, etc.). But the liberty movement may face an unusual difficulty, because where previous cultural changes gave government an excuse to grow, a successful liberty movement will push for reducing the scale, scope, budget, and employment of the government. True bureaucrats will not say "Me too!" to liberty.

So, what is to be done? Perhaps you were hoping I would give an innovative answer, but I have none.

In the past, I had high hopes for the Advocates for Self-Government. I still like this organization, but I am a bit disappointed that they have not improved their approach much over the past decade or so, while web 2.0 detonated. Maybe I haven't been paying sufficient attention and they accomplished a lot outside my notice.

The Free State Project grabbed my attention recently. I support them, but they do not answer the question I have about what form activism should take once people move to New Hampshire, much less what anyone else can do to push forward.

Maybe I have left out some brilliant group or web site with a winning strategy. Or maybe you have a great plan. If so, please mention or link to it in the comments!

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