Friday, March 29, 2013

Need Viral Strategy for Social Change

A good fad can have more impact than a bad law. So far, libertarians have not been trendsetters.

I want to find a way of life that

* generates income, or at least food, shelter, and clothing
* attracts imitators, and the more there are, the stronger it gets. Network effects.
* keeps me safe from manipulators, gurus, cops, cranks, scam artists, any sort of slave driver
* helps me connect with others, win-win
* strengthens my strengths and guards my weaknesses (biases, tribalism, collectivism, groupthink), or turns them into strengths.
* be the change you want to see
* helps me learn and grow
* fun! Like a game
* includes social activism that makes a difference, that leaves behind a new shed or some planted seeds or at least some full bellies. Not political activism, which rarely makes a mark.

Gypsy Goth Quaker Mafia
Apache, baochan daohu, mountain tribes

Actually help someone who needs it
Actually build something worth building, or plant seeds
Have a party while making a difference
Mass produce nonconformism


Al said...

Richard Carrier has some hints about how early Christians took over the world in his book Not the Impossible Faith. I was thinking I need to go back and study that myself. Basically, they created a viable society within Roman society that was there to take over as Rome collapsed.

Thomas said...

Thanks for the pointer. So Constantine was just giving in to the inevitable, huh? Nice.